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About Us

EMBS Engineering is a dedicated talent specialist that partners with some of the UK’s most prestigious, advanced, precision engineering companies within the Aerospace, Automotive / Motorsport, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Green, Environmental and FMCG industries. We will offer you expert support, guidance and  advice throughout the process to ensure you select and secure a career-defining role appropriate to your needs.

We have successfully recruited and placed thousands of engineers in the last eighteen years and we recognise that all individuals are different.

We start every relationship with a simple fact-finding exercise. Understanding your aspirations, skills and knowledge is the first step to ensure you are matched with a company, team or manager that will help you progress your career in the right direction.


“The difference in being good at something and being great at something is usually found in the little things”.
Randy Anderson

Specific Markets and Niche Skills.

Engineering can be complex, which is why our Talent Partners operate within specific market industries, looking for niche skills and experiences to pair with new, unique opportunities. Our technical knowledge and understanding ensures we get the right fit for both our candidates and clients.

Our Clients.

We offer a choice: Working across multiple sectors allows candidates to either remain focused in their chosen field or explore a fresh career journey within a new environment. We engage with start-ups, shake-ups and scale-ups, ranging from small enterprise businesses to larger SMEs’ across the Midlands.


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Whether you are actively looking to fill a new position, assessing the market, or simply require the support and guidance from a specialist who fully understands what you need, we are here to offer expert careers advice. Here at EMBS, we are friendly, insightful, never pushy, yet always positive!.
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