Ian Stevens

Managing Partner


As Co-owner of EMBS Group and Managing Director of EMBS Property, Ian’s role is to run the Property team alongside having a big involvement in the commercial/finance management of the EMBS Group.
Ian has a lot of involvement in managing new and existing client relationships, ensuring that EMBS Property provides the best, most unique and flexible solutions to current or future talent requirements.

EMBS Property:
The Property team works throughout the UK and works with clients in the PBSA, BTR and Residential Property Management space. We work on a variety of roles within the Property Management area to include Property Managers (all levels), Regional roles, Sales & Marketing, Facilities Management and Customer Services. 

As property specialists we pride ourselves in our vast candidate network, the latest CRM technology and talented vertical specialists to talk to. We offer a free ‘talent pooling’ service and have candidate talent pools in every city/town in the UK giving us access to 000’s of candidates, with a large percentage not on the open market.

For more information regarding our services, please click the link below.
Talent Services

About Ian:
Ian prides himself on his specialist skills in hard to find candidate searches for senior and emerging talent, and has great problem solving capabilities to help his team navigate the recruitment market. 

Ian is a family man with a passion for fitness and rugby. In his free time Ian likes to Crossfit, watch rugby, watch films/documentaries and spend time with his wife, three children and their dog.

Favourite Film: Shawshank Redemption
Favourite Drink: Pornstar Martini