Simon Bucknell

Managing Partner


As Co-owner of EMBS Group and Managing Director of EMBS Technology, Simon has an active role in not only running the Technology arm of EMBS, he is also heavily involved in creating and devising new solutions to ensure clients are the best version of themselves.
Simon will coach, mentor and advise organisations on best practice within talent management and show you how to stay ahead of your competition.

EMBS Technology:
Our goal is to partner with clients that are changing the world through technology, hiring across all the latest tech stacks, coding languages, frameworks, infrastructure, methodologies, sectors, and verticals.
We have developed a new Talent Operating System for a new era. Talent.OS contains service products to solve every possible tech talent challenge offering unrivalled flexibility.

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Talent Services

About Simon:
Simon absolutely loves to help people improve their careers and lifestyles, mental health and wellbeing, by connecting them to employers that will value and empower them.
Simon boasts over 25 years recruitment experience, 19 of which has been as a Director / Owner of EMBS. During this time he’s placed thousands of technical people in hundreds of amazing tech companies. Simon is an “out of the box” creative individual who thrives in challenging situations.

Spending time with his family; four children, two dogs and his cat, is Simon’s biggest pastime.
Whenever he does get any free time, he likes to keep fit by training with a professional boxer and is also a huge music fan – playing and listening (jazz & funk are his go to genres)

Favourite Film: Godfather
Favourite Drink: Châteauneuf du pape wine 2019