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People choose brands, not jobs or leaders!

Once we’ve helped you to build your talent strategy and employee value proposition, it’s time to bring it all to life through your employer brand. This special and unique identity will be delivered to your audiences in a manner that captures their attention and interest, and appeals to their preferences and priorities.

With an EVP built on insights into your audiences and their needs, we are well placed to craft the recruitment messaging that your Employer Brand needs to deliver. However, to do this effectively, you will need to understand your audience’s decision-making process and their information requirements at each stage. With this insight, we’ll soon understand what content you need to deliver and when; this should also inform how and when you use the different channels at your disposal e.g. career website, social media, reviews & ratings, events etc.

Much depends on who you are trying to reach. For example, you may adopt a more proactive approach together with the appropriate content formats and channels to engage passive candidates. Completing personas is a good exercise to develop a clear understanding of your audiences, their behaviours and decision making process.

You will also need to think about creative development. How are you going to communicate your Employer Brand so that it cuts through and attracts the interest of your audience? Do you need a concept around which to ‘wrap’ your Employer Brand communications or is a more corporate approach appropriate? Do you have the skills to do this in-house or do you need external help? This relates to the look & feel of your Employer Brand communications as well as the tone of visual, verbal and written content.

Again, these decisions should be driven by insights into your audience and their decision making process. Whilst your Employer Brand and corporate brand serve different purposes and objectives, they need to be aligned. 

Your Employer Brand stands to benefit from the awareness of your corporate brand and so they should present a united front; again, this relates to both look & feel and tone though this underlines the point made earlier that HR and Marketing should work closely together to explore the possibilities and devise a solution that yields benefits to all stakeholders.

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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”

Jeff Bezos – Amazon


Does your Employer Brand communicate who you really are?

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