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Get into great shape to build your business by attracting and retaining the best talent

The race for talent is becoming ever more intense. The nature of this challenge is changing and this demands a new blend of expertise in order to develop sustainable meaningful connections with candidates and employees and to build high performance across all organisations.

By integrating recruitment, employer brand and marketing expertise with funding, growth and talent strategy, we believe we offer our clients something totally unique in the recruitment and talent industry. In a post-COVID world, employers can and are benefiting from talent solutions that join up all the dots.

For many of our clients, the entry point to our services is via the Talent Gym and our Consulting Partners. Unlike ‘Recruiters’ who are often reactive, we focus on the things to get right before you begin the hiring process. Not only does this set us apart from our competitors, but it also allows us to add enormous value by reducing the chances of our clients making ill-informed decisions.

Our Services include

Recruitment Fitness

With skills in short supply, you need to be in peak condition to attract and retain the best people. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your current level of fitness and provide you with insights and training that will get you in the right shape to hire incredible talent.


Growth & Talent Strategy

We’ll introduce you to talent and growth experts who have the capabilities and expertise to deliver incredible results, insights, advice and support. Working with startups, scale ups and shake ups we’ll ensure you have the right strategy before you enter the employment market.


Employer Brand Development

Our team will help you bring your employee value proposition and purpose together and reach the desired audience across the right platforms to ensure you attract the right talent for your growing business.


Talent Funding

We’ll plug you into government funding for ‘innovation hires’. Our team will handle the grant funding and talent acquisition process leaving you the space to research and build new products. Funding can be used to pay for permanent salaries or specialist contract hires.



How can we help?

We've built a complete talent operating system that delivers insight, brand, technology and funding alongside services to support your vision for growth and success. Each area of the Talent Operating System is absolutely jam packed full of imaginative ideas that will deliver a competitive advantage as you grow. We know what we are proposing is radical and disruptive but we can't imagine a better time to do things differently.
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