In a post-pandemic world, you need a talent partner to represent you 24/7, even when you’re not hiring!

Our Talent Partners have been working in their respective markets for many years. Well respected and very well connected, they use the latest systems, networks and data to find, track and develop the finest talent in specialist sectors.

To do this effectively, in a highly targeted way, we work strategically and in partnership with our clients.  We at EMBS, understand hiring patterns, growth plans, project pipelines, risks and priorities. This proactive approach ensures our clients have access to the supreme permanent or contract talent when they need it the most.

 Recommended for employers that need a slick, fast, reliable and effective service, and prefer to work with a recruitment partner with specialist sector expertise.

Our Services include

Talent Scout

Building talent pipelines for permanent hires, our team uses established networks, in-house systems, dedicated events, digital & social marketing activities to curate highly effective agile talent pipelines. This ensures you have access to a bank of prequalified, technically tested candidates when you need it the most.


Talent Flex

A new approach to contractor recruitment enables you to hire exceptional short term resources on a freelance, contract or interim basis. We’ll take care of everything and give you insights and visibility of every commercial component. Take someone via Talent Intro or use Talent Funding to reduce your costs significantly.


We can help

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We at EMBS have built a complete talent operating system that delivers insight, brand, technology and funding, alongside services to support your vision for growth and success. It is bursting with imaginative ideas that deliver a competitive hiring advantage as you grow!
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