Three in house talent services that offer maximum control at a minimal cost

‘No agencies’ is a term we see a lot and we understand that.  An in house talent acquisition team shouldn’t be seen to use an external recruitment partner too much right? Wrong. The market is difficult and you have got to spread yourselves across the whole operation and that is really tough!

Unlike a recruitment agency, EMBS provides ‘In House’ services, which are designed to complement and supercharge your own direct recruitment endeavors. Our services, all part of our Talent Operating System, are ‘on demand’. They can be used for niche roles when you don’t have a network.  For online campaigns, where you need fast access to candidates. When you need to ‘spin up’ a careers website in days, or generate multi-channel, multi platform ‘content’ to catapult your employer brand to another level.

Recommended for in house recruiters/ hiring managers that want to control the recruitment process and cost per hire but just require a little additional support.

Our Services include

Talent Assist

With access to the best advertising resources available, our team will build and deploy a multi-channel recruitment campaign and give you access to an applicant tracking system so you can interact efficiently with applicants and can keep everything organised.


Talent Intro

Gain access to our talent networks but run the recruitment process your way. We’ll hook you up with great people and then cheer you on from the side lines. This simpler introduction-only approach is designed for in-house recruiters and hiring managers that want maximum control at a minimal cost.


Talent Social

Blurring the lines between recruitment and digital agency, we’ll spin up careers microsites via platforms you can control and create compelling content. We’ll create and manage careers focused social media content on your behalf, driving engagement and direct applications.



Find out how we make good in house talent teams great!

We've built a complete talent operating system that delivers insight, brand, technology and funding alongside services to support your in house recruitment activities. Each area of the Talent Operating System is bursting with imaginative ideas that deliver a competitive advantage. We know what we are proposing is radical, but there is no better time to do things differently than right now!
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