Growth & Talent Strategy

We urge our clients to take a long hard look at themselves before they go out to market and hire new employees

Getting your house in order will ensure your starters will have an incredible experience all the way through their employment. This starts with ensuring your leadership team is aligned, the culture is defined, definable and that everyone in the organisation is rowing in the same direction. However this is just the beginning of something much bigger and if you make the investment it will pay dividends down the line, big time!

Our team has created a talent methodology that will take your leaders on a journey of discovery. This process will ensure you hire the best people and build high performance throughout the whole organisation.

How it works

Our team of Consultants have a lifetime of experience to offer our customers. They’re positive, fun and insightful and they’ll become great friends to your business. We’ll introduce you to someone we feel is the right fit, based on your size and sector. We kick things off with an Insights discovery day that covers the following:

  • Senior team alignment
  • Self-awareness and awareness of others
  • A complete insight into individual and collective (the team as a whole) styles, behaviours, strengths, weaknesses, blind spot, communications styles and areas for development
  • Identification of any gaps and a plan to plug
  • Half a day or a full days training, in person or virtual; lots of fun with a serious undertone. A half day delivers the theory of personalities and reveals individuals personality styles, the full day is a complete team experience, with a team wheel, where we explore all personalities together.


After we complete the discovery phase we then focus our attention on the following:

  • Vision and values
  • Talent Strategy – internal and external
  • Organisational Design and Career Trajectories
  • Leadership style, desired outcomes
  • Employee empowerment, development and training
  • Resource planning and skills development
  • Process Analysis and measurement
  • Communication
  • Employee Value Proposition including rewards and benefits
  • Growth strategy and development, market position and customer value proposition
  • Commercial development, finance and governance




Have you got a minute?

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“Productivity in never an accident, it is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”
Paul J Meyer




Thinking about growth, invest in your talent strategy! Probably the best investment you’ll ever make!

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