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With skills in short supply, you need to be in peak condition to attract and retain the best people. Central to this are the pillars of Recruitment Fitness: Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), your Employer Brand, and your Candidate Experience (CX). Our ‘Recruitment Fitness’ consultants are like personal trainers, we’ll assess your strengths and areas of improvement through a talent discovery session and then make recommendations followed by consulting services that are designed to improve each pillar of your recruitment fitness. These include;

Endurance & Stamina
With a strong EVP, a compelling Employer Brand, and an engaging Candidate Experience, you will have a platform for talent acquisition and development that will deliver a lasting and positive impact on the long term health and value of the business.

Coordination & Balance
Recruitment Fitness gives you a solid platform for reaching and engaging people with the talent your business needs. A clearly structured EVP Framework informs the development of content for Employer Brand campaigns that are aligned to your business’s requirements and priorities.

Strength & Flexibility
A robust EVP will help to secure your Employer Brand a strong position in the market with healthy and consistent levels of engagement. A clearly defined offer and a ‘go-to-market ready’ brand will also enable you to move quickly in responding effectively to opportunities, and adapt your offer to changing market conditions

Agility & Accuracy
An EVP built on insight into the needs of your target audiences will enable your Employer Brand to reach the right people with the right content in the right channel through targeted campaigns that make connections quickly.

Power & Speed
Outmuscle your competitors with a compelling employment offer that attracts the best talent. Delivered through a high profile Employer Brand, your offer will be quickly understood by your audiences, helping you to steal a march on employers whose Recruitment Fitness doesn’t compare to your own.

Technique & Form
Hitting top form in terms of your Recruitment Fitness, EVP and employer brand will ensure you attract the best talent but a strong Candidate Experience will speak volumes about the way you treat people as well as drive referral

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What’s next?
A Fitness Test is the best place to start; an honest assessment of your current level of Recruitment Fitness will inform what action you need to take to get you to where you want to be.

If you are operating in a highly competitive market for skills, if you are missing out on talent to your competitors or are losing employees, now is the time to get fit. With employment at its highest for years, your ability to attract and retain talent will depend on your Recruitment Fitness

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