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Gain access to all our services and expertise for a monthly fee

Providing an alternative to an internal talent function

For the last 18 years we’ve solved problems, blended services and come up with all sorts of interesting and imaginative talent solutions. In that time we’ve also seen the emergence of subscription services like Netflix, so it’s been easy for us to adapt to this new way of thinking! 

TAAS is designed for clients that have plans to scale or where there is an element of repetition or ‘churn’. Providing an alternative to an internal talent function, or using the services of a traditional 3rd party recruitment agency, we bridge the gap, adding value and providing something totally different.  

When you switch on TAAS, you’ll be assigned a sector-specific Talent Delivery Manager and a dedicated team that will give you access to Talent.OS, our talent operating system. This will enable you to ‘spin up’ your talent function rapidly, providing you with maximum flexibility.  

Here are just a few things we’ll do. 

  • Undertake vacancy analysis and mapping
  • Determine salary benchmarks for each position
  • Build your employee value proposition and brand – see Talent Gym
  • Design a talent attraction strategy, deploy marketing – see Talent Web
  • Target key individuals and build pipelines – see Talent Scout 
  • Source contract and interim resource – see Talent Flex
  • Commit to monthly KPI’s and SLA’s tied to your subscription
  • Hiring Manager personal training via our recruitment fitness programme

Our team will start by building a plan based on your proposed headcount increases and the types of hires you’re looking to make. We’ll look at the frequency and regularity of hiring and consider what will be needed in terms of resourcing time. We’ll then factor in what additional support you may need from our Talent.OS and formulate a monthly subscription fee. 



Tied to your business plan Talent As A Service ensures you receive every ounce of ‘know how’ and service for a monthly fee, that will dramatically reduce your cost per hire


How it works

Step One: Understand the volume and frequency of your hiring over 6 – 12 months and build a schedule

Step Two: Develop a picture of the skills profile and behavioural characteristics of your target hires

Step Three: Calculate your normal agency / recruitment spend. Give us something to work with

Step Four: Work with us to build a comprehensive hiring plan and monthly subscription fee alongside delivery KPI’s

Step Five: Go live

Recommended for business owners or internal recruitment teams that want to outsource their recruitment, whilst recruiting in high volumes. 


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