Talent Intro

Offering in-house talent teams more for less through smart candidate introductions

We’ll introduce ‘in house’ recruiters to the best active jobseekers and then cheer you on from the sidelines

Our talent, your way!


In-house recruiters are required to hire across a range of job families and functions. It’s tough recruiting over such a broad range of roles. Meanwhile, cost-conscious hiring managers are busy running the business, with little or no time to engage with future talent. Both recruitment stakeholders are more than willing to take control of the hiring process but lack access to candidates with niche skills.

INTro is the solution

We’ll introduce you to great people that are ‘actively’ looking for a move and then cheer you on from the side lines. This simple light touch introduction-only approach puts you in control of the process, and because you require less support from us, the costs are much less than a conventional recruitment agency. Simple right!

How does it work?

  • We’ll reach out to candidates in our specialist networks about your role
  • We’ll push out some content and advertising
  • These more visible candidates will be ‘open to work’ and active.
  • We’ll share their Linkedin profile or CV with you, with their permission
  • You confirm you’d like to engage.
  • We arrange the introduction via email or Linkedin
  • You connect, engage and start the hiring process, no further involvement from us
  • Introduction fees start from as little as 8% of starting salary
  • We offer additional support if required, but additional charges may apply

Have you got a minute?

Simon Bucknell and Ian Stevens, explain more about how Talent Intro works.


Recommended for in house teams and hiring managers that need access to a recruiter network but are happy to run the process their way.

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We think INTro plugs an obvious gap in the talent and recruitment market. If you're an in-house recruiter try INTro before engaging a recruitment agency.
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